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Vacation Packing Guide with CAA.

Right now, you and your loved ones are probably getting ready for the family vacation you planned ever so meticulously. From finding the perfect destination, getting the right flight itinerary and even buying family matching bathing suits, everything is almost ready to go. Except packing. Oh, dreadful packing. You can’t trust the kids to pack their own luggage because it would be filled with toys, candy and even an iPad. They’ll leave the important things out like sunscreen, multiple clean pairs of underwear and of course passports.

For any trip, you and your family need to pack the essentials and we’re here to help with our packing guide. It features amazing travel merchandise to help you pack smarter and the best part is you can find all these items in your local CAA Store. Plus if you’re a CAA Member, you get special Member pricing on all merchandise.

Reliable Luggage.

Travel like a pro with the Travelpro Skywalk 29” Spinner. This reliable suitcase features 360-degree spinners to help you roll effortlessly in any direction, a telescope handle for length and strength and water repellent coating. Ideal for any traveller, this luggage is a must-have for your trip. And it comes in blue and black.

Make Space.

The most important thing when packing is to stay organized. Some people have different techniques like rolling clothes or simply folding them. To help you pack your bag properly we have two different packing solutions to make the task super easy. The 3-piece packing organizer set protects shirts and other delicate garments. It comes in three sizes to fit perfectly in any size luggage. The AH Space Saving Bag comes in a set of four and has two large and two medium bags. Its transparent design makes it easy to identify what’s in the suitcase and you can simply compress the bags to eliminate excess air. With these two easy-to-use storage solutions, you’ll pack and unpack in seconds.

Stay Fully Charged.

Imagine hitting the beach and noticing your camera is dead. You don’t worry though because you know you can take pictures on your phone. But then you notice it’s dead too. How are you going to take pictures of the beautiful beach scenery and the epic sand castle your kids have made? Don’t miss out on capturing the precious moments and keep your electronics fully charged with the Slim Power Bank. This slim USB emergency phone charger is ready-to-use and charges a smartphone in 1.5 hours.

Pack a Hat.

This hat is perfect to wear on a sunny day to protect you from the sun. The Tilley T5MO Organic Cotton AIRFLO® Hat features a medium brim and is made of a soft, suede certified organic cotton with a 3/4″ polyester mesh. It’s lightweight and the mesh helps to both ventilate warm air out and allow cooler air to flow in.

Keep Belongings Safe 24/7.

Travelling with medications or other health essentials? With the AH Insulated Medical Travel Pouch you can travel easily with your medications right by your side. There are three easy access pockets on the outside and an insulation section on the back. The main compartment inside the bag has several sections for all your essentials.

While on vacation, if you like to hang on the beach, play sports or take part in any activities and want to keep your money and credit cards close, get the AH Waterproof Box. It’s a water safe container perfect to hold money and credit cards right around your neck.

Grab Some Foreign Cash.

When you’re done packing you might need to get some foreign cash, just in case you don’t want to walk around with your credit cards all the time. We’ve equipped five of our CAA Stores with foreign currency ATMs. That’s right! Now you can purchase foreign currency hassle-free and in-store with no service fees. Stop by your local CAA Store to buy US Dollars, British Pounds, Mexican Pesos and Euros on the spot to avoid bank lineups and save money. Visit your local CAA Store in Peterborough, Barrie, Kingston, Oakville and East Mall for more details.

The CAA Store is a one-stop shop to easily book a trip, pick up some travel merchandise and even to grab some foreign cash. Remember CAA Members, you can save big on all merchandise in the CAA Store with our exclusive member-pricing. You can only get these deals in-store. So make sure to head there now so you have all the time you need to pack your bags right!

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