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Top 5 Reasons Why Iceland is the Coolest Vacation Hot Spot.

When people think of a trip to Europe, the first places that come to mind are The Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy or the timeless ruins in Greece or Buckingham Palace in England. But have you ever thought about visiting Iceland? It’s not as cold as the name suggests. In fact it’s full of natural wonders, amazing scenery and fascinating history. Read more about a first-hand Icelandic experience.

Here’s a list of the top 5 reasons to visit this northern paradise and check out the video above.

Its Magical Landscape.
Where else can you see volcanoes, lava fields, world-class waterfalls, glaciers and active geysers all in one place? Nowhere but Iceland! It’s super easy to navigate through the region and you can simply drive, hike or even walk to see these natural landmarks from any direction. While you’re there make sure to visit one of the most popular waterfalls called the Gullfoss, also known as the “Golden Falls.” While you’re exploring the gorgeous terrain make sure to pack sturdy footwear and a rain coat.


Fun fact: Did you know you could hike from North America to Europe? Iceland is located between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates and you can cross continents in a matter of minutes on Medlina, also known as “Leif the Lucky Bridge.”

Whale Watching & Wildlife.
Plentiful sheep and handsome Icelandic ponies will charm you on land, but it’s what you see in the air and sea is what you visit Iceland for. You’ll see quirky puffins, exotic sea birds, seals and a variety of whales while on your trip. Sharing the land with these magical creatures won’t be easily forgotten, but make sure to pack a selfie stick to capture the fun and to make your friend jealous they missed out.


It’s one of the Most Accessible Places to see the Northern Lights.
You don’t need to be in Yellowknife to experience the Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis. With Iceland being so north, it’s easy to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights all year round. In fact last September in the capital city Reykjavik, they turned off all the lights so residents could fully experience this natural phenomenon. The first three days of the Iceland and Baltic Cruise trip are spent in Reykjavik, so you might see the colourful polar lights if you’re lucky.


The Northern Lights over the capital city, Reykjavik.

One-of-A-Kind Heritage Museums.
Iceland has several museums to explore and learn more about its cultural heritage tracing back to the Vikings. The Skógar Folk Museum is located in southern Iceland and is filled with so much history about the Nordic nation and its people. Its surrounded by beautiful scenery and features an open-air museum with Viking artifacts and rebuilt turf houses, complete with short beds to show tourists how people use to live.


Fun fact: Did you know, they slept in a semi-seated position because they thought lying flat was too corpse-like and also feared they would pass away in their sleep.

Rejuvenate Yourself.
Iceland is filled with natural hot springs and geysers like Strokkur, which is a fountain geyser that spouts boiling water 20 metres into the air once every 10 minutes. But for a one-of-a-kind spa experience you must visit the luxurious Blue Lagoon, which is one of the 25 Wonders of the World. It’s a geothermal spa with crystal-blue waters and is surrounded by jet black lava fields. Don’t worry, nothing will erupt. While you’re there make sure to indulge in a Silica mud mask, known for its natural age-defying, exfoliating and healing powers.


There is so much to see on this extraordinary trip and with stops in Berlin, St. Petersburg, Stockholm and Copenhagen, this Iceland journey is one to check off your bucket list.

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