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The Perfect Walking Tour of Antigua.

Nestled in the shadow of three volcanoes and overflowing with architecture, Antigua is easily walkable, but it’s loaded with places to go. While there may not be a lot of distance to cover as you make your way through the city, you may find yourself spending hours on one short, history-filled block. Antigua is perfect for those who’d like to escape modernity since the buildings have been preserved and restored but not updated.

It’s only natural to want to start at Parque Central, the centrepoint of Antigua. Here, you can witness the city in action making it a great place to pass the time and people watch on a lazy afternoon. With its elegant colonial architecture and mermaid-adorned fountain, there’s plenty to see in the park but you should also note Santiago Cathedral, which abuts the park. Though it appears to be fully constructed, a walk past the entrance reveals the roofless ruins from a 1773 earthquake. In fact, you’ll notice that many of Antigua’s buildings, including some that have been reconstructed, were destroyed during this natural disaster. These ruins, like much of Antigua, are a testament to the city’s resiliency.

Hotel Casa Santo Domingo, a former convent, survived three earthquakes, a pillaging, and a short stint as a private residence before it became the tourist attraction it is now. Walk through the past as you wander the monastery or the underground crypts, and be sure to check out the six museums that are accessible through the hotel.

Once you’ve explored the city, there’s no better time to take a relatively easy hike to Cerro de la Cruz. The hilltop, where the titular cross sits, offers a fantastic view of all of Antigua after you’ve inspected its nooks and crannies.

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