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Better Road Trips with RoadWins Road Trip Planner

Hockey parents know that away games and tournaments are an important part of any little sports star’s career but between game times, rink locations, accommodations and mapping your route, planning for them can be a bit of a hassle. Whether your family is headed two towns over or clear across the province for your little one’s next big game, this road trip planner post should help ensure you’ve packed and prepared everything you need to make your next road trip victorious.

Preparation is key

Every great road trip starts with thorough preparation and a detailed checklist. So to make things easier for parents who already have enough to worry about, CAA RoadWins™ has put together the perfect road trip game plan and made it available for free on their Facebook page.

CAA roadwins driving safety

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Covering everything from what to carry in your wallet to which toiletries to bring along, this comprehensive checklist is the perfect way to stay organized and at-ease while transporting over-sized duffle bags and navigating new terrain. Simply print it out, check it off and rest easy. And for help getting you to your destination, take advantage of CAA’s FREE TripTiks service! Get them online or pick up some printed maps from your local CAA Store.

The Snowy Road to Victory

Few people enjoy winter driving, but nobody likes long, frequent winter road trips. Sharp winds, icy and snow-covered roads, poor visibility and slippery terrain can put any experienced driver and vehicle to the test.  So to make sure your next weekend adventure is a smooth one, ensure your vehicle has been properly winterized at an Approved Auto Repair Services location and make sure to purchase and install four winter tires – you could even save on insurance by doing so!

CAA winter tires

Not a job suited for all-seasons

It sounds obvious, but always check road and weather conditions before you go; nobody likes to be surprised by a massive storm halfway to their destination. But most of all, give yourself plenty of time to get there. Being late could cause stress which often leads to speeding – never a good idea in poor conditions. If worse comes to worst, don’t fret; Members always have 24/7 access to the best Roadside Assistance in North America.

Savings on the way

Team dinners, nights in hotels and sights in new cities are just some of the things young sports stars can look forward to with each and every road trip. Thankfully for parents, being a CAA Member will net you some serious discounts along the way. Looking for some new music to keep your trip interesting? CAA Members SAVE up to 25% on music downloads with Universal Music. And if you’re planning on staying at a Best Western, Hampton, Hyatt, Marriott, Starwood or Hilton Hotel & Resort, you should know that Members receive exclusive discounts and low rates on rooms!

CAA members chatting

Easily save 10-20% just by being a Member.

Not to mention great offers on fuel when you fill up at participating Husky and Petro-Canada™ locations. Finally, Members also save 10% on great food at East Side Mario’s. Looking for more discount opportunities with CAA? Download the new mobile app to stay connected!

A thorough checklist, tuned-up vehicle and a CAA membership – the recipe for a perfect road trip. Make your next family sports adventure as stress-free as possible by following the simple advice above. And don’t forget to check out RoadWins on Facebook for where your team can build online communities and excitement prior to your tournament. Find things like checklists, team cheers and photography tips to help you get in game mode. After the tournament is over, share your experiences, upload photos and videos and more.

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