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3 Ways That Canada’s ePassport is the Most Secure Ever

Thinking of travelling soon? Better make sure that passport is valid! A Canadian passport is required to travel outside of Canada to any country. Luckily, the new Canadian ePassport is the most secure document to travel with, including a variety of new features to protect your identity while you travel.

The new security features on the ePassport comprise digital images and other enhancements that ensure that the passport is valid. Check out the top 3 new features that make this passport the best one yet:

  1. Electronic chips: The new embedded chip in the 36-page document that is our Canadian passport is a revolution! It allows your personal identification to be stored electronically in order to fight passport fraud. The chip includes a digital signature, too, which means that any customs officer can tell if your passport is valid. Also, the information on the e-chip cannot be read unless the passport is held within 10 cm of an ePassport reader. As no personal info besides what is on your passport is stored, your identity is extremely unlikely to be stolen or read by unauthorized people.
  1. Digital photos and digitally-printed information: Your passport photo is now embedded digitally into the page, and appears on the new electronic chip. Biometric systems mean that your photo can be easily recognized and compared to other photos of you (like on your driver’s licence) in order to fight identity theft.
  1. Special ink and laminate: Your passport is printed in optically variable ink, which means that under a black light, special images and text can be seen. The laminate secures the information page and makes it hard to destroy the information by water or other means.

Find out more about Canada’s ePassport by visiting the Government of Canada’s Passport page. You can get your passport photos taken at any CAA store for a low price ($12.50 for Members, and $15.50 for non-members). Check out the location nearest you.

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