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The Fastest Ways to Earn CAA Dollars®

Earning CAA Dollars has never been difficult, but actually pulling out your membership card and claiming your rewards can sometimes be tough to remember. Thankfully we’re here to help make it easy so you can keep earning, saving and spending your earned rewards. Here are some sure-fire ways to keep CAA Dollars in mind when shopping with our many savings partners.

Out of sight, out of mind

If your CAA membership card is buried deep down in one of your wallet’s buttoned pockets, it’s unlikely that you’ll remember to go digging for it at the checkout counter. Most people keep their driver’s license in their transparent card holder, but if you think about it, when has that ever come in handy?

CAA mastercard

Definitely more useful than your mugshot

Consider swapping out your least favourite photo ID with your CAA membership card; making it visible whenever you reach for your cash, debit or credit card will ensure you remember to swipe it at each and every participating location. The easiest way to collect CAA Dollars is never forgetting to claim them.

Everything auto

If you’re with CAA, chances are that you’re a vehicle owner. Looking for a consistent way to earn CAA Dollars? Start fuelling up at Husky or Petro-Canada! At Husky, all eligible purchases will earn Members up to 3% in CAA Dollars, but until January 31, 2013, CAA Members earn DOUBLE! And if Members register with Petro-Points, they’ll earn 20% more Petro-Points with every eligible purchase. Every 1,000 Petro-Points can be exchanged for 1 CAA Dollar, letting you rack up rewards even faster!

But besides fuelling up, Members can also earn 3% in CAA Dollars on all repairs and maintenance at select Approved Automotive Repair Services (AARS) locations. And that’s on top of the Member-exclusive 1 year/20,000km warranty on all parts and labour. So remember: when it comes to everything auto, CAA Dollars are easily within reach.

More rewards with a CAA MasterCard®*

Using your CAA MasterCard to earn CAA Dollars on everyday purchases couldn’t be easier. Just use it to purchase groceries, gas, meals at restaurants and everywhere else you’d normally shop to earn up to 1.5%** in CAA Dollars on your monthly essentials.  Here’s a quick breakdown of how quickly and easily you can accumulate CAA Dollars throughout the year:

CAA Mastercard

Collect CAA Dollars effortlessly with your new CAA MasterCard

Month at a Glance

  • Groceries: $300
  • Gas: $160
  • Utilities: $180
  • Restaurant meals: $60


  • Total $ spent: $700
  • CAA Dollars/month: 10.5***
  • CAA Dollars/year: 126

Having accumulated 126 CAA Dollars just by using your CAA Premium MasterCard, you’ve effortlessly paid for next year’s membership and more!

Interested in learning more about earning CAA Dollars daily with a CAA MasterCard? Click here! 

MasterCard®* is a registered trademark of MasterCard International Incorporated and used pursuant to license.

**CAA Dollars are rewarded to a max annual spend of $50,000 on the CAA Premium MasterCard.

***Using the CAA Premium MasterCard.

Terms, conditions and limitations apply, please see for details.

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