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Published on August 15th, 2013 | by Jordan

Back to School with Life-side Assistance

Between opening acceptance letters and lugging supplies up to the dorm, there’s a lot that needs to happen before a young adult begins their journey into post-secondary education. And as parents, it’s important to ensure the meaningful road ahead is, above all else, safely travelled. Besides heaps of canned food, a flashy new laptop and 50lbs worth of textbooks, parents and students should both ensure they have one more thing packed well before move-in day – peace of mind.

Commutes and collisions

With over 80 colleges and universities in Ontario alone, students could wind up commuting anywhere from 30 minutes to 10 hours each way for holidays and special events. According to statistics released by the Ministry of Transportation, young adults between the ages of 17-20 were involved in 30,415 collisions in 2009.

A first aid kit and set of emergency supplies are necessities that no driver, student or parent, should ever be without. But even if they’ll be relying on others for transportation, it’s important to provide the tools and knowledge needed to prepare them for an auto emergency. A roadside assistance club like CAA will ensure that regardless of the vehicle or who’s in the driver’s seat, your son or daughter will be able to get the help they need quickly. Whether it’s a mid-winter jump-start or midnight gas delivery, Roadside Assistance from CAA will often pay for itself in a single visit.

Money’s tight enough

Students begging for money might sound like a summer movie cliché, but with the costs associated with food, rent, books and fuel, it’s all but bound to happen. Though almost impossible to avoid, a great way to save cash without letting your student go hungry is to show them how to buy in bulk and cook large, easy meals using a crockpot. Additionally, one inexpensive coffee maker can quickly eliminate the need for daily (and costly) coffee shop trips – especially in first year. According to a Student Awards Inc. report from 2010, “first year university students spend the most on personal care, eating out (fast food and take out) and clothing categories.” To help cut down on these costs, students can use their CAA membership to save on Cineplex movie tickets and shopping outlets like GAP Factory Store and Banana Republic Factory Store. And if they’re sick of food from the dining hall, Members can save 10% on delicious Italian cuisine at East Side Mario’s.

If your son or daughter plans to live on-campus, your fuel consumption will likely increase to accommodate visits, doctors’ appointments and holidays. Make the most out of your new career as a chauffeur and earn up to 3% in CAA Dollars at Husky with every fill-up. CAA Members also earn an additional 20% in Petro-Points (which you can convert into CAA Dollars) at Petro Canada. And if you still haven’t found helping hands for their big move, you can save with Penske and AMJ Campbell too. Check out CAA’s full list of savings partners for more info.

Knowledge and advice

It’s important to sit down with new freshman for an honest and frank discussion on what the next three or four years hold for them. Relationships, schoolwork, finances and more should be dealt with delicately; some sagely parental advice could work wonders to calm their nerves. But for the few things you’re not an expert in, CAA is there to help. Whether planning a reading week vacation or searching for their first commuter car, a CAA membership gives your student access to expert automotive and travel advice to help with every step of the way.

For many, a CAA membership provides valuable Life-side Assistance that pays for itself day after day. So you can rest easy knowing that roadside service, exclusive discounts, expert travel & auto advice and more will follow your student wherever they take their card.  From move-in day to graduation, wherever you are, we’re there when you need us.  

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