Published on June 1st, 2016 | by Guest Contributor

Father’s Day: Give Him What He Wants.

I am a dad, and I have a dad. So I feel uniquely qualified to write about how to shop for Father’s Day this year. Some people really aren’t. I just read a bunch of gift buying guides online with titles such as, “Great gifts every dad will love.” And I have to tell you, there was nothing on any of those pages that I or my father would appreciate.

In fact, creating any list of specific products wouldn’t be very useful. Fathers have such a variety of interests and tastes. We do have some things in common, however. So I can tell you how to buy your dad a gift that he will actually appreciate based on how fathers think.

The taking-it-up-a-notch

Fathers can be difficult to buy for because they are generally more established that you are. They’ve been around the block a few times, and usually already have everything they need. What they don’t want is something else they’re going to have to store. In this case what you can do for Dad is to buy him a product that you know he likes, but at a level above what he would spend on himself. Is he a red wine drinker? Get him a really good bottle of red wine. A coffee connoisseur? Top notch gourmet coffee beans. The barbecue king? The very finest steaks from the local butcher.

He’ll appreciate the treat.

The inside deal

Is there something you can get a discount on through work or a personal connection? Do you have a membership or association that gives you discounted rates on purchases? Use your inside edge to save money on something for Dad.

This isn’t being frugal; it’s something your father will appreciate. Why? Because Dad loves to brag about how clever and connected his kid is. “You see this tablet? My son got it at cost through work.” Also, parents often feel awkward about their kids spending money on them, so the fact that you saved allows them to appreciate the gift guilt-free.

Swag is also good. Can you get a shirt or jacket from your company with the logo on it? I guarantee you your father will wear it with pride. Because you work there.

The event

Think up something your father likes to do, and then do it with him. Does he like to talk about food and try new dishes? Take him out to dinner. Is he a golfer? Sign the two of you up for a round of golf. It almost doesn’t matter what the event is, wine tasting, fishing, cycling, a dart tournament at the local pub. The point is that you are showing him that you know what he really likes and that you’d like to spend some time with him.

That is truly the gift that every dad will love.

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By Peter Harris


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