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Annual and Daily Travel Medical Insurance Plans

If you’ve recently made the decision to purchase travel medical insurance for your next vacation then your next step is determining which format better suits your needs. From CAA Insurance, you have the choice between one of two: a daily plan will protect you for the exact amount of days you’ll be away on vacation – no more, no less. Alternatively, an annual plan will provide you with a bulk number of coverage days that you can use at any time. Basically, daily plans need to be purchased for each trip, while a 15 or 30-day annual plan will cover several trips throughout the year.

The benefits of buying in bulk
Only purchasing travel insurance for the duration of your next trip might seem like all the coverage you need, but lately, many Canadians have been crossing the border for things like day trips to outlet malls, sports games and arts & entertainment events throughout the year. Needless to say, any injuries or accidents that occur during day trips like these will not be covered by OHIP; purchasing travel medical insurance in an annual plan ensures that these spontaneous trips are covered thanks to your 15 or 30 day total allotment.

Outlet shopping

Devote some of your outlet-shopping savings towards travel insurance

Top up any time
If you’re a frequent flyer and don’t think a 30-day annual plan will provide enough coverage, many travel insurance providers allow customers to top-up throughout the year. With an annual travel insurance plan from CAA in place, it’s easy to top-up your annual allotment with a simple phone call, letting you enjoy the benefits of annual coverage no matter how often you’re out of the country. You’ll get the benefit of being out of the country without having to remember to purchase insurance each time you go, which for those who travel several times per year can be a huge help.

We're standing by to quickly top up your plan

We’re standing by to quickly top up your plan

Breaking it down
If you’re planning on taking more than one vacation throughout the year, purchasing a 15-day annual plan can actually be more affordable than two separately purchased 7-day plans. Not to mention the freedom it offers by allowing you to stay protected multiple times with a single purchase! Convenience and flexibility – that’s what’s great about annual plans.

CAA Insurance offers both emergency medical and comprehensive travel insurance in the daily and annual allotments discussed above. Get a quote today and find out how affordable coverage can go a long way in ensuring your travel medical emergencies are covered.

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