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What to Do When a Pipe Bursts in Your House.

Bursting pipes are a common problem during the spring thaw. If you experienced this keep your cool and follow these simple steps to minimize the damage.

  • Cut off the water supply to the house by closing the main water inlet valve. But do you know where it is?
    • If the house is fed by the municipal system, it is generally located on the front wall of the basement.
    • In a residence fed by a natural source, it will be found on the basement wall closest to the water source.
    • To avoid further damage in the future, all occupants of the house, including children, should know the location of the main water inlet valve.

If you live in an apartment and don’t have control over the building’s water supply, you should immediately contact your building manager or landlord.

  • Get as much water out of the system as possible to prevent water from spilling through the house. Turn on all cold water taps and flush the toilets.
  • Turn off the heat and close down the boiler. If your house is equipped with an immersion heater, don’t forget to turn it off. Once this is done, drain the system by turning on all hot water taps.
  • If a burst pipe is near any electrical switches or fuse boxes, turn the power off at the mains.
  • Clean up the spill to prevent mould from forming in your walls and ceilings. Use as many buckets, pans and containers as needed to collect the water dripping from ceilings.
  • Call your home insurer. If you think you might need to submit a claim, use your insurer’s emergency hotline to tell them about any burst pipes as soon as possible. They’ll be able to help you through the claims process and explain how repairs are going to be paid for.
  • Document the damage. Collect as much evidence as possible of the damage for use in your insurance claim. Photos are a great idea, but you should also write down a summary of the damage along with the circumstances behind how it happened.
  • Get the leak fixed. Most people aren’t qualified to fix leaks themselves. Call a licensed plumber and keep all receipts and details of the work that was carried out.

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