Published on April 6th, 2016 | by Guest Contributor

Have Your Say on Ontario’s Worst Roads!

It’s spring, which for many Ontarians means the beginning of road-trip season. Whether you plan to travel near or far, you’ll be bound to drive on roads that are in need of repair, are clogged with traffic congestion, or are unsafe for pedestrians and cyclists. That’s why we hold our annual CAA Worst Roads campaign, so that motorists can speak out and nominate roads needing repairs and raise awareness among elected officials.

CAA has consistently advocated the need for dedicated funding from all levels of government to repair and improve road infrastructure. Ontarians have told us loud and clear which roads they want fixed — this was evident in the strong response during the 2015 Worst Roads campaign, where over 2,000 roads from across the province were nominated!

It’s no secret that potholes, poorly maintained roads and congestion impact Ontarians every day across the province. Ontarians pay billions of dollars in taxes at the pump each year — in fact, over $8.6 billion was collected by the provincial and federal governments combined from the sale of road fuels in 2014, and only one-quarter of that is dedicated back into infrastructure.

CAA South Central Ontario also wants your feedback on traffic congestion, poor timing of traffic signals and confusing road signs, as well as pedestrian and cycling safety. As you travel across the roads in your community, look for all of those things, plus the roads in urgent need of repair, then case your vote for Ontario’s Worst Roads at

When you vote for a road, you’ll be entered into one of three draws for $100 worth of Petro-Canada gift cards, plus the chance to win the grand prize of $2,500 in Petro-Canada gift cards. That’s like getting free gas for a year!

Written by Jane Doucet

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