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Published on September 21st, 2012 | by Matthew

Power Up: CAA Gets Its First EV Visitor

In 2011, Sik Do Sang finally made the leap.

After waiting years for the technology to be right, Sang went out last November and purchased his first zero-emissions vehicle, a Nissan Leaf.

“I wanted to have an electric car for a long time, but there wasn’t a good one until now.”

A driver of hybrid vehicles for more than a decade, the 44-year-old recently stopped by CAA South Central Ontario’s head office in Thornhill to

Two Peas in a Power-Pod

Two Peas in a Power-Pod

use our public electric vehicle (EV) charging station. After plugging in his Leaf for a quick charge, Sang shared a few of his thoughts on the experience of owning an electric car.

As a resident of Brock, Ontario, Sang found CAA’s charging station with the help of PlugShare, an app that lets EV owners find nearby power stations. Using his iPhone, he was able to locate our station, track his distance to it, and even know if the charger was being used by another vehicle. Once he learned a spot was open to charge, he made a beeline for it.

“It’s great,” said Sang. “You just pluck the pole and plug it into the car.”

With CAA’s addition to the electric vehicle community, Sang has found it easier to commute to and around the area, where he meets with friends and runs errands.

“I just go out and do other things [while the car charges]; like shopping,” he said.

Though traditional gas-powered vehicles still own the road in Ontario, EVs are starting to gain ground. The number of charging stations has grown exponentially, from only a few in Toronto to several dozen dotting the GTA. The Leaf itself has garnered some high profile endorsements since rolling onto the scene in 2010, winning several Car Of The Year awards, and even being used for a taxi service is during the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival.

It’s a trend Sang hopes will continue, so Ontario becomes synonymous with electric vehicles.

“We need to keep going. We need more chargers, like California,” he said.

The state has been at the forefront of popularizing EVs and the infrastructure necessary to make them a viable option for commuters.

CAA is proud to have recently purchased a Leaf of its own for Associates to use, as well as making its Chargepoint stations available to the public. Though Sang was the first EV owner to use our new charger, he’s certain he won’t be the last.

 “It’s just like the hybrid. People say it’s ‘expensive’ or ‘not the solution.’ I say, it’s not about the money. It’s the Earth.”

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