Published on March 12th, 2015 | by Caroline Grech

Have Your Say on the Worst Road in Ontario

Potholes, congestion and poorly maintained roads affect thousands of Canadians each and every day. If you’re tired of complaining to  friends, family or colleagues and wish you knew how to make a difference, CAA has the answer.

CAA’s annual Worst Roads campaign returns March 23rd! Nominating roads is an opportunity for drivers, cyclists, transit riders and pedestrians to identify the roads they think are in most need of repair.

While many people associate the campaign with nominating roads with potholes, CAA wants to hear about all the challenges motorists experience using Ontario’s roads – everything from potholes, pedestrian and cycling safety, congestion, traffic signal timing and confusing road signs.

As one of CAA’s most recognized campaigns, Worst Roads gives thousands of Canadians the voice to call attention to roads that desperately need repairs. It’s truly the place to have your say.

Think your road won’t make the list because Toronto roads tend to dominate?

This year, in addition to the provincial top 10 list, we’ll also be developing regionalized Worst Roads list for smaller areas throughout Ontario. These regional lists will provide a voice to communities across the province.

For example, in the 2014 Worst Roads campaign, the Town of Mountain (just east of Kemptville) rallied around a street that was a contender for several weeks. Despite not getting a top 10 spot, grassroots actions like that can now impact one of the regional campaigns. Rallying around a street with your neighbours or community members will send a powerful message to local officials on how to prioritize road projects.

How CAA and the public’s input works:

Over the past decade, CAA has advocated for dedicated funding from the provincial government for to help municipalities maintain their roads.

Another colder-than-average and snowy Ontario winter means additional road maintenance challenges for cities and towns across the province.

Ontario’s deferred municipal road, bridge and highway repair bill has been estimated at $3.8 billion a year, underscoring the need to make infrastructure maintenance a priority.

CAA’s long-standing advocacy on the need for dedicated funding for infrastructure has proven successful. In the 2014 provincial budget, the government unveiled two new dedicated funds to assist municipalities with transit and infrastructure projects. In total, $29 billion will be allocated province-wide over 10 years, with the funds acquired through several sources including HST collected on gas sales and revenue from the provincial gas tax. Dedicated accounts have been set up for these funds.

CAA has seen roads such as Steeles Avenue, which was at the top of the campaign’s top 10 list for four years, receive much needed repairs and soon after, disappear from the annual list.

The CAA Worst Roads campaign is a great way to have your say on what road projects should be receiving priority. Visit between March 23 and April 17th to vote in our poll and have your opinion heard. By nominating streets, you’ll also be entered for a chance to win our weekly and grand prizes!

Once the campaign closes and the resu3lts are tabulated, a provincial top 10 and regional top 5 lists will be released. CAA then takes the feedback from the results to politicians and staff in municipalities.

Don’t miss the opportunity for your voice to be heard.


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