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Published on November 5th, 2012 | by Jordan

Toronto Commuting: What would YOU do with 32?

When it comes to traffic in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), there isn’t much that needs to be said. Those in the GTA have among the worst commute times on the continent. It takes them an average of 82 minutes/day to commute from home to work, that’s worse than 18 other major international cities, including Los Angeles! The Toronto commute beats them all. Whether you’re dealing with congestion in the city or traffic on the highway the pain of wasted time is all the same. Canadians lose dozens of hours per year to long commutes and unnecessary traffic due to an underfunded and incomplete transportation system; it’s time to do something about it.

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Whether you drive, take transit, cycle or walk, one thing is clear — quality of life in the GTA is suffering due to our transportation system. Thankfully, there’s already a plan in place to dramatically improve the situation, one that could save the average individual up to 32 minutes on their daily commute. The regional transportation agency called Metrolinx has an approved 25-year plan that will try to do just that. This regional transportation plan is one of the largest infrastructure and service improvement plans in North America and aims to improve how we move people and goods on roads, transit, and sidewalks throughout the region. The plan will deliver a seamless, integrated transportation grid across municipal boundaries from Hamilton to Barrie to Oshawa and across the core of Toronto.

However the total price tag for capital projects is $50 billion over 25 years ($2 billion a year), and only about 20% is currently funded.

CAA has partnered with CivicAction on a unique campaign that strives to take the conversation on transportation in the GTA to the streets, subways, and buses to inspire action that can deliver the change. CAA is supporting this plan and we’re inviting people to tell us how they would benefit in their everyday life from having commuting times lowered: what would you do with 32 (minutes)?

Share your thoughts on this initiative and what you’d do with an extra 32 minutes in the comments below and head to our Facebook page to fill out our survey!

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