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Video: Simple Steps to Preparing Your Vehicle for Spring.

Your vehicle just survived one of the coldest winters and with the spring thaw fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about seasonal maintenance. During harsh winters, your car can take beating with road salt and sand. It can damage your paint job and the frigid temperatures can cause hoses and belts to crack or fray. Remember that regular care for your vehicle will help to maintain its longevity and improve performance.

Check out our auto advice video on how to clean the winter off your car. Plus follow these helpful car care tips to make your seasonal transition easier.

  • Change your oil (according to the owner’s manual recommendations) and keep fluids like brake, coolant and windshield washer, topped up.
  • Wash away the signs of winter. Give your vehicle a thorough cleaning to remove any salt and sand that’s accumulated. Clean under the hood and wheel wells.
  • When the temperatures hit 7C consistently, switch back to your all-season tires. Rotate your tires to prevent uneven wear. Your front tires take the brunt of the work. Read more on changing your winter tires to summer/all-seasons.
  • Make sure your tire pressure is within specifications. The owner’s manual will have recommendations. The information can also be found on the driver’s door jam, fuel filler or glove box door.
  • Check your wiper blades and replace them if they are worn or damaged.
  • Fix any small scratches caused by road salt or rocks with touch-up paint.
  • Consider rust proofing your vehicle.
  • Get a thorough check up at a CAA Approved Auto Repair Services facility. 
  • Inspect your vehicle’s battery to make sure all the connections are clean and dry. If it is time for a new battery, CAA’s Battery Service will test, replace and recycle your old battery from your home, workplace or even the side of the road.

Now that you’ve got great tips in hand, get out there and welcome spring!

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