Published on June 24th, 2014 | by Natalie Finnemore

Tow Truck Driver Keeps his Cool Despite Aggressive Drivers

As the weather heats up, aggressive and distracted driving behaviours can reach a boiling point on our roadways, remarked one Greater Toronto Area (GTA) tow truck driver.

“In the winter, people tend to be more alert and cautious while driving,” said Albert Boni from CAA’s network service provider Stellar Roadside.  “I see drivers not paying attention to the road and getting more aggressive behind the wheel in the summer.”

One case of aggressive driving stands out for him in his 17 years as a CAA tow truck driver in the GTA.

“I was driving in my tow truck on the 401 eastbound approaching Highway 427 last year when I saw a car driving aggressively, speeding and then suddenly sideswipe a tractor trailer,” Boni recalled. “The vehicle became airborne and flipped multiple times in the air right before my eyes.”

He immediately pulled safely off the road and came to the aid of the driver who was ejected from the vehicle, took off his uniform shirt and used it as a tourniquet to help stop the driver’s bleeding. Boni noticed that the vehicle was smoking and that there were three passengers still stuck inside.

“I pulled the three passengers from the car and carried them to the side of the road. All I cared about in that moment was bringing everyone to safety,” he said.

The O.P.P. officer who attended the scene commended him for great work, Boni said.

Boni’s passion for safety and his desire to help people inspired him to become a tow truck driver.

“CAA Members often refer to me as an angel or a knight in shining armor, because I love helping people and making them laugh to make their day better.”

In the event that you get stranded on the side of the highway this summer, Boni has some important tips to keep you safe when you’re waiting for CAA roadside service. If you choose to exit your vehicle, stay away from oncoming traffic by exiting through the side of the vehicle that is facing away from the road. If you choose to stay in your vehicle,  keep the windows closed, doors locked and don’t leave the engine running for extended periods, because you could put yourself and your passengers at the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

To those drivers who are stuck in traffic near an accident or breakdown, please be polite and considerate to roadside assistance providers by slowing down and moving over in to another lane, recommends Boni.


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