Published on April 23rd, 2013 | by Jordan

The Real Cost of Ontario’s Worst Roads

For some drivers, poorly-maintained roads and inadequate infrastructure come with a hefty price tag. Damage to your vehicle from potholes, crumbling pavement and even traffic congestion could mean costly repairs. Over the years, CAA’s Worst Roads campaign has helped to bring attention to roads in Ontario that suffer from these problems. Voting for this year’s campaign runs from May 1 to May 31, 2013, so get thinking!

To get you in the voting spirit, here’s how poor road conditions directly translate to money out of your pocket; keep these in mind when deciding which roads really grind your gears most.

WorstRoads Infographic

If potholes, crumbling pavement and congestion are something you deal with on your day-to-day commute, now’s your chance to make a difference! CAA will compile a Top 10 List and share the results and our recommendations with Ontario’s provincial and municipal governments. Over the years, thousands of Ontarians have voted and approximately 90 per cent of the roads on CAA’s Worst Roads list have been or are scheduled to be repaired.

*Cost calculated from: Transport Canada, The Cost of Urban Congestion in Canada (March 2006),

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