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CAA Memberships are a Winter Necessity. Here’s why.

While CAA South Central Ontario receives a number of emergency response calls throughout the year, no season keeps our Associates busier than winter. In fact, our Emergency Response Service receives over 23,000 more light service and tow requests between December and January than they do between all of February and November!

It’s important to be prepared and ready to handle winter’s poor driving conditions.  This post will go through some of the increased hazards that make having Roadside Assistance from CAA a winter necessity.

Less Control and Visibility

The likelihood of losing control is exponentially higher during the winter months due to decreased traction on roads caused by snow and ice. Even drivers utilizing winter tires can lose control on black ice, so it’s important to have roadside assistance if the worst should come to pass and your vehicle finds its way off the road. Plus, between the bitter cold and hazardous road conditions, changing a flat tire in Canadian winter conditions could be extremely dangerous, and is most often best left to the professionals.

To learn more about how to drive more effectively in poor winter conditions check out our winter driving guide.

Poor Operating Conditions

Even if you can maintain control of your vehicle and are an expert at changing tires in -30 degree weather, your vehicle’s components may not be up to the challenge. Did you know that at 0° Celsius, a fully charged battery loses 35% of its power? If yours is weak, there’s a chance it won’t last through the winter. If you’re in need of a boost and would rather not rely on the kindness of strangers (if you can even find them), joining CAA and getting access to 24/7 Roadside Assistance is the best way to stay protected all winter long.

To learn more about how to best prepare your car for winter, check out our winter prep guides here and here.

Winter Savings

Don’t forget that CAA is more than Roadside Assistance! Being a Member also gives you exclusive access to a wealth of savings opportunities and discounts at many of your favourite retailers. Save on holiday gifts at PayLess Shoes, the Banana Republic Factory Store and GAP Factory Store or save on winter maintenance at an Approved Automotive Repair Service location.

To learn more about how easy it is to save with CAA, click here.

If there’s one season in which it pays to have Roadside Assistance it’s winter. Decreased traction on the roads and obscured vision due to heavy snowfall can make any daily commute a treacherous affair, not to mention the stress your vehicle’s components will be under when operating in sub-zero weather. So if you’ve been thinking about becoming a CAA Member and protecting yourself on the roads with 24/7 Roadside Assistance then now’s the time to join CAA.

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