Published on March 5th, 2013 | by Jordan

Some GTA Driving Schools are not MTO-Approved

Earlier today the Toronto Star published an investigative report in which they discovered 50 GTA driving schools willing to offer in-car lessons without MTO approval or authorization by the province. Without proper training, certification and ministry oversight ensuring safe driving, “there’s no guarantee the instructor can drive safely, let alone instruct or protect a student.” And in addition to not receiving the proper training, “insurance companies told the Star that if you are in an accident while taking lessons from these schools you may not be fully protected.”

If you or someone you know is planning to register for driver training, it’s imperative that they receive the proper training from an MTO-approved course with certified instructors. CAA’s Approved Driving School Network ensures each and every one of its schools and instructors follow the same CAA-designed, MTO-approved curriculum in order to provide expert, comprehensive driver training to each student.

Here’s a detailed list of what’s included in a beginner driving course at a CAA-approved school:

  • MTO-approved curriculum for beginner driver education
  • Certified Instructors
  • 40-hour course that includes a minimum of 20 classroom hours and 10 hours behind the wheel
  • Private in-vehicle lessons
  • Current training materials and audio visual equipment
  • Personal student workbook/textbook
  • Student progress and evaluation reports
  • Comment card to evaluate course and instructors
  • Clean and comfortable learning environment
  • Graduates of the CAA How To Drive beginners’ course receive a FREE CAA Basic membership for 12 months!

In addition to the CAA Approved Driving School Network, CAA recently launched the Drive Right website for teens and adults. It’s a great place for parents and their new drivers to learn, discuss and understand the rules and responsibilities that come with their new driving privileges.

To enroll in an upcoming MTO-approved CAA How to Drive beginner’s course and find a CAA Approved Driving School near you, simply find your nearest location using the tool below:

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