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Got an Auto-related Question? Ask an Expert at CAA, Free of Charge!

Trying to figure out a fair price for your used vehicle? Need repairs, but want to make sure you’re only getting exactly what’s required? Not everyone’s an auto expert, so CAA’s Consumer & Technical Services team (CATS) is here to help.

What services does CATS offer for Members? 

  • Provide technical info regarding automobile or auto repairs.
  • Provide info and procedures on buying/selling used cars in Ontario.
  • Deliver annual CAA National car operating cost info for people looking for information on how to calculate the cost to own & operate a vehicle each year.
  • Plus information on buying/selling a car plus discounts on vehicle history reports and inspection services.

Buying or Selling a Car

When it comes to buying or selling a car, accurate information can mean a savings or gain of thousands of dollars. CATS can provide information and procedures for selling/buying used vehicle in Ontario. When purchasing a used vehicle, CATS can provide pricing using the Canadian Red Book, Canadian Black Book, and consumer Report.

This is very useful when determining a reasonable selling price for your vehicle, or recognizing if a prospective purchase is reasonably priced.

Vehicle History Report

In the used car market, smart buyers seek out the best deals. Vehicle History Reports such as CARFAX and CARPROOF (available at a minor cost) are valuable tools in the search.

Vehicle History Reports tell you the complete history of a vehicle, to ensure that your new used vehicle is the best value for your money. This benefit is provided as a discounted Member benefit.

Vehicle History Reports include:

  • Title check: was the car salvaged? Is it a lemon?
  • Odometer check: is the vehicles odometer reading accurate?
  • Problem check: has the car ever been damaged, or in a previous accident?
  • Registration check: previous uses for the vehicle

Vehicle Inspection Service

Licensed mechanics will inspect your car at a CAA Approved Automotive Repair Service facility using a special CAA inspection list. When the inspection is complete, they will go over the list with you and explain the results. This is a valuable service for anyone who’s considering the purchase of a used car, or taking a driving vacation soon.

Want to get in touch with CATS? You can speak to a specialist by phone at 1-866-464-6448 or by email at

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