Published on October 31st, 2016 | by Danielle Williams

Get Winter Tire Ready.

When it comes to winter tires most people make excuses for not using them like ‘ I drive slow’ or ‘This year it won’t snow much,’ or ‘I have all-seasons.’  But that isn’t enough to keep you safe. To be prepared for old man winter having your CAA Membership is handy for Roadside Assistance. But the most important thing you can do as a motorist to be prepared for the freezing temperatures is to get winter tires. Here are the benefits of winter tires:

Don’t wait until your first skid on black ice to get winter tires for your vehicle. To maintain driving comfortably in all circumstances and a variety of weather conditions, winter tires should be fitted as soon as the temperature is regularly at or below 7 C, generally after Halloween. That’s the best time to get your winter tires because it maximizes safety while driving on low-traction surfaces like ice and snow.

The more grip and traction your tires have on icy or snowy roads, the more you’ll have better control of your vehicle. What makes winter tires unique is the tread patterns which reduces aquaplaning. Aquaplaning or hydroplaning happens when driving on very wet road surfaces or in puddles of water between the wheel and the road surface. The vehicle loses traction due to the inability of the tread to expel the water fast enough. Winter tires guarantee traction and safety on snow and ice. Plus when you switch your tires every season, you also increase the total mileage of the tires for years to come.

Reduced Stopping Distance
Compared to all-season tires, winter tires reduce braking distance while driving. On wet roads the breaking distance is reduced by 10 per cent at low temperatures and by 20 per cent on snow. This is great especially during the unpredictable months of winter weather as these special tires enable notably shorter braking distances.

With winter tires you’ll drive with confidence in all weather conditions. Plus as a driver, they are one of the most important investments you can make to keep you and your vehicle safe on the road. And as a CAA Member when you buy your winter tires with Pirelli, you earn CAA Dollars. When you purchase four eligible Pirelli tires, you’ll receive up to 125 CAA Dollars. For more information check out Offer valid until December 15, so get ready for winter with your Pirelli winter tires and earn CAA Dollars today.

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