Published on August 21st, 2012 | by Jordan

Why Every Driver Should Consider Roadside Assistance

Roadside emergencies can be a dangerous and stressful experience. Whether you’ve found yourself in the middle of the road or off to the side of the highway, having expert roadside assistance goes a long way in ensuring both you and your vehicle make it to your destination safely.

Tow trucks are never far off, but their rates – even for a short tow – can easily set you back hundreds of dollars. And unlike some roadside assistance providers, they won’t try to fix the problem before breaking out the winch. But aside from emergency service, joining a roadside assistance club can offer some additional and oftentimes little-known benefits that might make joining more worthwhile than you think.

Running out of gas, locking yourself out of your vehicle, blowing a tire and discovering a dead battery are all emergencies that require their own course of action. Walking to the nearest (or not-so-near) gas station to fill a jerry can; finding, requesting and paying for the services of a locksmith; changing your own tire or having to flag down strangers for a boost may be enough to convince motorists to turn to a service provider that offers affordable, all-inclusive assistance for these issues and more. To a lot of people, insuring themselves against mechanical breakdown and costly auto-related mishaps is worth the flat annual fee. Ranging anywhere from $65-$150 (depending on your plan and provider), coverage may even pay for itself year-after-year.

In an effort to attract more subscribers, many roadside assistance providers offer their own set of unique bonuses and benefits. Trip planning assistance, retail discounts and preferred rates on outside services are just some of the ways roadside assistance providers are offering more bang for your buck. When making your decision, consider the benefits that affect you most; for example, if you’re a frequent traveler and love to shop, seek out a provider that offers savings on travel insurance and discounts at retailers and service providers. The latter of which, if used often enough throughout the year, has the potential to save you more than the complete cost of your membership. Food for thought if you’re still on the fence.

Overall, roadside and breakdown services are just like insurance policies: bought with the hope that they’ll never have to be used. Whether you’re concerned with being stranded on a deserted road or you’re just not confident at changing a tire, roadside assistance provides valuable peace-of-mind that many motorists just can’t be without.

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