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Cruising with CAA’s Cindy Hillaby (Part 3)

In Part 3 of the “Cruising with CAA’s Cindy Hillaby” series, Cindy talks bicycles, food and her cruise ship.  Catch up on the rest of the series here!

What a fabulous visit to Amsterdam!  I think we walked every inch of the city and finished our tour with a humbling visit to Anne Frank’s home.  It gave us time to reflect on how good life is today.

For those planning to visit, the Van Gogh museum is a must see.  A couple of other tips:

1. Breakfast and lunch can be bought at local markets really inexpensively
2. Try Dutch pancakes
3. Pick a central hotel and you will save on transportation costs…you can walk almost everywhere

We also survived the attack of the killer bicycles! Did you know there are over 900,000 bicycles in Amsterdam? Far more than cars, and even more than the entire population of Amsterdam!  Bicycles do rule! 🙂


We then made our way to the docks to board the Amacello.  What a fabulous boat.  The staff welcomed us with warm smiles and then escorted us to our room.  The boat (not a ship I am told), holds a comfortable 148 passengers and I can say is spacious enough to move around comfortably. Also, the staff are some of the very best I’ve ever seen!  This boat is squeaky clean from bow to stern.  Our room is comfortably spacious and, like the others, features sliding doors which look out onto the water about 10 feet below.


Now let’s talk food….oh my goodness, it was some of the best I’ve ever tasted.  Our chef, Stefan Schmid is a master!  Healthy choices, and some not-so-healthy choices too.  Food and dining drinks (alcoholic and non) are included as well, which sure makes it easy for us.  One highlight for me is the steaming water available for tea, and the steamed milk to go with it!  Afternoon bliss!


We are now on our way down the Rhine River and have just had a brief stop and tour of Cologne, Germany.  It’s Sunday, so the city is quieter than usual but we chose a walking tour and had the chance to visit the cathedral and some heritage sites.  AMA has all the tours arranged as part of your cruise and includes them in your cost, so we just have to choose what we like best.  We’ll be doing bike tours through the streets of the cities we visit, and of course we have all the bikes on board!


Our next stop is Koblenz, Germany.  Time enough for a tour of the town and then a visit to the most scenic part of the Rhine, with majestic castles mounted on either side of the river.

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