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7 Great Travelling Tips for March Break

Florida, the Sunshine State, is the top road trip getaway among CAA South Central Ontario (CAA SCO) Members. Florida has something for everyone, from world-famous theme parks and attractions to picturesque beaches and golf courses. Other popular March Break destinations include South Carolina, Ontario, New York and Virginia.

No matter where you’re travelling this year, CAA SCO suggests keeping the following road-trip tips in mind:

  • Make sure your vehicle is road trip ready. Change your oil, test your battery, top up your fluids and check your tire pressure before you leave.
  • Always keep the view through your windows clear. If items must be placed outside the vehicle make sure that they are safely secured using a roof rack or cargo carrier.
  • Plan your route ahead of time and bring a map as a backup to your GPS. CAA offers maps and TripTik route planners to help get you where you are going safely. Or download the CAA app and have a passenger navigate using TripTik mobile on your smartphone.

If you’re travelling with children, here are a few other key tips:

  • Give children a map so they can follow along, look for landmarks and help avoid the dreaded “are we there yet?”
  • Carry a change of clothes in the car in the event of a spill you can easily replace wet clothes with dry ones.
  • Keep kids entertained on long road trips. Bring along a tablet pre-loaded with their favourite movies, books or games. Remember to pack headphones.
  • Pack enough toys, games, books and snacks for each child to avoid any

If you run into car trouble during your road trip, CAA is there for you. Call 1-800-CAA-HELP (1 -800-222-4357) for roadside help throughout Canada and the U.S.

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