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Egg-citing Easter Egg Hunts.

Easter egg hunts are a time-honoured tradition that should never be skipped.  But it can be difficult when the older kids start losing interest. The same can be said for the adults who still want to have fun. To ensure you keep all kids, small and large entertained, we have some exciting ways you can enhance your hunt. These are tried and tested, so you’re guaranteed to have lots of fun. Happy hunting!

Glow-in-the-dark Egg Hunt.
Exploring at night – in your garden, park or woods – is certainly one way of ramping up the adventure and the excitement. Add a glow stick to each egg to make them light up, or decorate with glow-in-the-dark paint and then let the night hunt begin.

GPS Egg Hunt.
This is a true adventure for the whole family. It’s certainly a more modern twist on an old favourite. All it requires is a smartphone that enables walking coordinates. Hide the eggs and then give clues using the GPS coordinates. Each hidden egg leads to the next spot until individuals find the final prize.

Camouflaged Eggs.
This one is tricky and challenging. Paint your eggs per the natural habitat they will reside in. Green for grass, brown for trees and so on. Then hide these hard to find eggs and let the games begin.  Don’t make it too difficult, as you don’t want your participants losing interest.

 Egg Hunt in Reverse.
This is fun for both parents and kids alike. Your kids or grandkids can hide some eggs around the house or yard and you can seek them out. The kid whose egg is found last will be the winner as he had the best hiding spot.

Easter Egg Jumble.
Assemble teams made up of three or four and send them out to find as many mismatched eggs as they can (wrong-coloured halves of plastic eggs have been put together). Once the eggs have been found, teams can take apart and reassemble the right-coloured halves of the eggs.

 Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces.
This may seem puzzling, but it is a neat way of keeping your kids entertained. Before you start stuffing the eggs, choose a small puzzle. Put one piece of the puzzle in each egg. Once all the eggs are found, kids can come together to assemble the puzzle.

For those Egg-traordinary Fury Friends.
Did you know that there is an Easter egg hunt for dogs? National Service Dogs’ Easter Egg Hunt for Dogs is an event that caters for all – families and your furry baby. It has been hosted in various cities over the last 19 years. It takes place on Good Friday, April 14, 2017

Have a happy Easter and more importantly have lots of fun.

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