Published on August 9th, 2016 | by Guest Contributor

10 Fun Ways You Can Still Seize the Summer.

We’re into August; the dog days of summer. The weather is hot, the days are long, and winter seems like a lifetime away. Except that back-to-school sales are in full swing, the days are getting shorter, and we’re not far from Labour Day – the unofficial end of summer.

Just so you don’t wake up one chilly fall morning wondering where the season went, we’ve compiled a list of classic things to do to make the most of the remaining summer days.

1. Go to a drive-in movie. What says warm summer night more that cruising to a drive-in, reclining your seats, and catching a film on the big screen from the comfort of your car? Southern Ontario is scattered with drive-in theatres operating through the warm season.

2. Alternately, you can watch a movie outdoors without a car down at Harbourfront Centre in Toronto as the Free Flicks program screens films from June through the end of August. Check the schedule here.

3. Sleeping in a tent is a summertime classic. Sure you’ll wake up at the crack of dawn with a sore back, but that is part of the adventure. Ontario has some amazing spots for camping out. If you can’t get away for a full on camping trip, try pitching a tent in the backyard for a mini campout. You’ll appreciate the memory come February.

4. Have a picnic. Summer is a great time for eating outdoors. Whether it’s packing a basket and blanket and heading to a park, waterfall or just having dinner on the deck. You should try to have as many meals as possible outside while the good weather is with us.

5. Make s’mores. The marshmallow, chocolate, and graham cracker treat is a true taste of childhood summers. Ideally you’d make them by toasting the marshmallow over a crackling campfire, but they’re just as tasty if you prepare them on the barbecue or even in the oven.

6. For an effortless taste of summer, you can also just pick up soft ice cream cones for the family from your friendly neighbourhood ice cream truck or visit your local Marble Slab for hand-crafted in-store ice cream creations.

7. Get to a beach. Ontario is blessed with countless beautiful lakes and sandy shores. One of the best ways to savour the sunny season is to feel the sand between your toes and the shock of cold water as you plunge in. Trust me, it’s warm once you get used to it.

Bonus: if you can spend an evening on a dock listening to the cry of the loons, then do it. There’s something about sitting out under the stars hearing that sound that just epitomizes summer in Ontario.

8. Get scared by a shark. Remember being afraid to even step in a swimming pool that summer that Jaws first came out? You can get that feeling again with a close encounter with a shark (and many other members of the exotic aquatic) at Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada in Toronto.

9. Ride the roller coasters at Canada’s Wonderland. A day at the amusement park, eating funnel cake, whacking moles, and cooling off on the log ride will make for a great summer memory during the dark days of winter.

10. Speaking of midway rides and festival foods, the end of summer also brings The Ex to Toronto. The Canadian National Exhibition is the country’s largest annual fair, featuring rides and games, animal exhibits, an international food building and nightly concerts from local and international performers. It’s an annual tradition for many families. This year it runs from August 19th through Labour Day weekend.

Come September, the kids go back to school, work becomes more serious, and many of the summer attractions start to pack up for the season. It can seem a little like the party is over for another year. So let’s make the most of the few weeks we have left before we inevitably trade our sandals for Sorels.


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