Published on December 14th, 2016 | by Danielle Williams

The Murphys- What Can Possibly Go Wrong Now?

We’ve all been on a vacation where something might not have gone as planned. Someone may get sun burn or even worse, get hurt and need to go to the hospital. Any vacation mishap can totally ruin a trip whether you’re travelling solo, with friends or family.

Well, have you met the Murphys? This party of six loves to travel and embark on adventures in every hemisphere. But they’re the unluckiest family around and during every vacation something always seems to go wrong! That doesn’t slow them down though. With CAA Travel Insurance by their side, they can focus on creating  family memories and not medical bills while on vacation.

Here’s an insider’s look into their most scandalous family vacation blunders.

And They’re Off…not Really.

The Murphys were super excited for the family vacation they planned for months. But hours before the plane took off, the entire family caught a horrible stomach virus. No medication could help, so they had to cancel their trip to paradise! Say bon voyage to days of soaking up the sun and aloha to sick days in bed.


The Murphys Take Aruba.

Who doesn’t love dancing under the stars? Well Grandpa Murphy does but not with Grandma Murphy! One night while busting a move on the beach in Aruba, Grandpa Murphy busted his hip and had to go to the hospital. He traded in his blue suede shoes for a cast.


Big Apple, Big Problem.

During a romantic getaway to New York City, Mr. and Mrs. Murphy visited some of the city’s most popular sites and ate some delicious food, like New York’s famous hot dogs. Topped off with ketchup and mustard, the two agreed those were the most delicious hot dogs they ever ate. But their stomachs didn’t agree. Instead of seeing a Broadway play that night, the Murphys got food poisoning and hung out in their hotel for some much needed quality time… with the toilet.


The Not-so Sunshine State.

Golfing with his buddies is one of Grandpa Murphy’s favourite things to do while hanging out in Florida. This time around instead of getting a hole-in-one, he almost got a hole in the head when he was struck by a stray golf ball. He definitely saw a few birdies that day.


Everyone in the Murphys family has had their share of accidents while on vacation, but they know with CAA Travel Insurance they’re protected and covered for any unexpected illness or injury while on vacation. And for their next vacation they’re hoping nothing goes wrong.

Now the family is heading east to explore The Maritimes. What family blunder awaits in Prince Edward Island? Play The Murphys – East Coast Caper to see what happens during their Atlantic adventure.

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