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Published on October 30th, 2012 | by Jordan

Cleaning up After Hurricane Sandy

CAA Tips For Hurricane Cleanup

From CAA Home Insurance

Unless you’ve been hiding under a (very big) rock then you know about the major storm making news all over North America. Covering an astonishing 800km (equivalent to the size of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba combined), Hurricane Sandy tore trees from their roots, destroyed property and caused widespread damage last night across many parts of Southern Ontario. If your area was affected (the Toronto Star currently names East York, Scarborough, Upper Beaches, Leaside and the Junction as those areas hit the hardest) it’s imperative that you act quickly to assess any potential damage and contact your home insurance provider as soon as possible. If you are insured with CAA then our insurance specialists are ready to assist you should the need arise.

Here are some things to look out for when assessing any potential damage:

Walk around the exterior of your home to find:

  • Shingles on the ground – try to ascertain if they are from your roof (and not your neighbour’s); this could be a source of water infiltration.
  • Home siding that has come loose or torn – this could decrease the warmth of your home and is a source of water penetration.
  • Downspouts – make sure they are still connected and that all water diverting applications are still functioning.
  • Gutters/eavestroughs – ensure they are still connected and not leaking or dripping.
  • Trees – remove any that are leaning or resting on your fence, house, roof, deck, shed, gazebo or pool. If left, they can cause serious damage or other liability exposures.
  • Remove any debris on your property.
Home Insurance inspection of home

Inspecting a drip

Walk around the interior of your home to find:

  • Water penetration – address any water in the home before it becomes a larger mold issue.
  • Water on upper floors – look for water dripping or staining and discolouration of the wall and ceiling finishes; this usually indicates a bigger, hidden issue.
  • Electrical– if you had a power interruption:
    • Check your electrical panel to see if any of the breakers were tripped
    • Check to see you electronics are functioning
    • Check to ensure your furnace and appliances are working
  • Must/mold – if you notice the smell of must or mold is more prominent in the next few days and does not seem to be dissipating, then you may have potential hidden water/moisture issue in your home which needs to be investigated and assessed.

CAA South Central Ontario is working hard to provide you with storm updates as quickly as possible, so follow us on Twitter or Facebook for the latest. Remember, CAA Insurance specialists are standing by to assist you, should the need arise. Call us any day, any time at 1-800-387-2656 to report your claim.

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