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It’s the Holiday Season – What Can Possibly Go Wrong?

Bring up the holiday season and friends and family will regale you with a plethora of disaster stories. From falling Christmas trees, electrical shorts to burning food and trips to the emergency room – there are more tales than you can imagine. There are even movies about gruesome holiday horrors, like National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and wacky YouTube videos.

The holiday season is known for all its shenanigans and we discovered a few stories that we would like to share with you.

The Dog Did What?
“Quite a ways back, a good friend of mine – their family owned a deli – had a big walk-in refrigerator, so I was always enlisted to help people cook. They also had a portly dog named Nugget, and the day before Christmas Eve someone had left the door a little bit open on the walk-in and the dog sneaked in there and gorged itself on an eight-pound ham … We took poor Nugget to the vet, and they had to take care of her … She was (eventually) fine, but the centerpiece of the meal was destroyed, so we ended up ordering out Chinese food for the Christmas Eve dinner. It was quite a scene, and as bad as it is having your meal destroyed, everyone was first and foremost concerned about the dog. You look back on it and laugh now, but it was quite an event.”[1]

A Wet ‘n’ Wild Christmas.
“Just before Christmas dinner last year, when all the decorations were making the house so festive, we heard a howling scream from my 4-year-old niece, who had her fingers slammed in the door.

While assessing whether she needed to go to emergency – and she did, four hours in hospital emergency, missing Christmas dinner – I caught some appetizers on fire, and while carrying the tray to the sink, I badly burnt my fingers.

My brother-in-law and I managed to cook dinner while our wives were at the hospital, and it wasn’t until after dinner, while we were sitting around the tree drinking wine, congratulating ourselves on successfully ‘doing Christmas’, that we realized that my 5-year-old son had plugged a shower drain with an ornamental Christmas plate and had made good progress on successfully flooding the basement.

A large part of the evening after the kids went to bed was spent drying out the basement ceiling with a hair dryer – some watermarks remain that we haven’t fixed yet – and some soggy carpet required a high-powered vacuum to absorb the water.”[2]

No Turkey This Year!
“It was twenty years ago that we had a brand new kitchen installed, with new appliances of which we were very proud. The turkey was stuffed and ready for the brand-new oven, and in good time, just after one in the afternoon. I asked my husband to put the bird in the oven and turn it on. We headed to the ski hill for a fun-filled afternoon knowing that the turkey would be ready when we returned. The house was fragrant with wonderful roasting turkey when we arrived. I got the potatoes and veggies ready and settled down for a drink before dinner. One of the kids wandered into the kitchen and noticed the turkey in the oven with the lock on, I rushed into the kitchen and there it was: the oven had been set to clean! There was no way to stop it, and in horror we watched the turkey going from luscious tan to black char! We ate potatoes with vegetables and a fried egg on top!”[3]

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