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Oakville Takes the Lead on Cycling Safety

Today’s post comes to us from Caroline Grech, Government Relations Specialist here at CAA South Central Ontario. Thanks Caroline!

Once similar to endangered species, cyclists are everywhere now.

This is a good thing. As more and more people realize the health benefits of cycling, more people will opt for two wheels instead of four.

But the increase in cyclists also highlights the need for better cycling infrastructure and, more importantly, better education on how to share the road so everyone has a safe place to cycle and drive.

Much of the education is around how to deal with one another. CAA research shows that many drivers are cyclists and vice versa. We should respect each other on the road by leaving enough space and obeying the rules of the road.

The Watch for Bikes decal in action

The decal in action

Oakville has taken the message seriously and to celebrate Bike to Work day on May 26, 2014, outfitted more than 300 of their non-emergency fleet vehicles with CAA Watch for Bike decals.

The decals are placed on the driver’s side mirror as a reminder to always keep an eye out for cyclists (pictured below):

By outfitting their town vehicles they are truly leading by example and showing their residents that they take cycling safety seriously.

Cyclists also have a very strong advocate in Ward 2 Councillor, Pam Damoff. Pam is a cyclist herself and was doored while riding her bike around town last year.

CAA’s Government and Community Relations team hopes that more municipalities will follow Oakville’s example and similarly use our decals on their fleet vehicles.

Pictured: Oakville Mayor Rob Burton and CAA SCO's Caroline Grech, holding a CAA Watch for Bikes pamphlet

Oakville Mayor Rob Burton and CAA SCO’s Caroline Grech holding a CAA Watch for Bikes pamphlet. Ward 2 Councillor Pam Damoff (in the pink shoes) can be seen alongside fellow Oakville cyclists.

For more information on how municipalities can participate in the CAA Watch for Bikes program, visit or email

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